A New Discovery!

The Shemitah Code and the Blood Moon Prophecy have gripped millions of people worldwide and everyone is now waiting with bated breath to see if September 2015 will trigger a global event that will provide the validation needed for both these schools of thought.

Amazingly both these theories arrive at the same conclusion through completely different scientific paths and they both relate to an understanding of cycles that relate to Hebrew and an understanding of Gods promises to the Israelites in the Old Testament. Do these promises apply in this modern era?

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The Shemitah Revolution

If you haven't head of the "Shemitah" its something you might want to pay special attention to. You probably have already been aware about the prophecy of the Blood Moons but the Shemitah is something significantly different which incredibly also converges on the September 2015 timeline that the four blood moon prophecy does. The concept is connected to a biblical pattern which seems to have coincided with events of significant world influence such as the rise of America to super power status, World War I, World War II, the restoration of Israel in 1948, the Six day war in 1967 in which the Israelis captured Jerusalem and even the rising of the World Trade Center. However more recently it would seem the concept has also coincided with global economic failures.

The man responsible for this, Jonathan Cahn, is also a best selling author of The Harbinger. During his studies he also noted a pattern of judgments at seven-year intervals in September 2001 and 2008 marked by the greatest crashes in Wall Street history, up to that time. The first occurred on Sept. 17, 2001, just a few days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and the second occurred on Sept. 29, 2008. Both occurred on the biblical day of Elul 29, the very day appointed to wipe out the financial accounts of a nation according to Isaiah 9:10.

The next one occurs on September 13, 2015. However the irony is that our first contact with Cahn's Shemitah theory came through a damning attack on Cahn himself by a ministry that was once led by the incredible stalwart, Dave Hunt.

Our Controversial Introduction to Shemitah

Many of you may have known about Dave Hunt who passed away in 2013. Dave Hunt is one of the greatest bible prophecy researchers of the modern era and is best known for his book "A Woman Rides the Beast". Hunt when alive was the producer of a radio broadcast called The Berean Call, a discernment watchdog ministry which has produced an incredible amount of cult discernment  information over the years for the equipping of the body of Christ.

When Hunt passed away his second in command whom he shared daily broadcasts with, T.A. McMahon, took over as, president and executive director of The Berean Call. But since McMahon's take over he has made it a specific focus to attack what he believes are significant errors in revelations which seeks to apply biblical patterns and trends to current day events. In 2013 McMahon produced an article which he made us aware of in which he made the following statement indicting many people whom you will be familiar with.

"Believers need to think such things through in the light of Scripture, particularly since our days are loaded with fearmongering false prophets and some 岶ival food㯮 men preaching certain doom. The latest to conjure up forthcoming dark clouds on the horizon are those who promote the teaching that there may well be a combination of two prophetic events taking place in the year 2015 that could result in unprecedented physical cataclysms and financial crashes. The use of italics for Ṡwell beᮤ ﵬd鳠given to note that those purveyors of disasters have used such language in order to cover themselves from being accused of false prophecy. Even so, those 鳣laimer튉 terms are lost in the hyperbole of their fearmongering.

The two leaders in this alleged confluence of biblical tribulations are Jonathan Cahn (The Mystery of Shemitah) and Mark Biltz (The Blood Moons). They are supported by a cast of false teachers and sensationalists and their associated organizations that include Jim Bakker, Sid Roth, John Hagee, Pat Robertson of the 700 Club , and Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, to name but a few.羚nt>

McMahonୡin criticism of Cahnࢯoks is that Cahn allegedly takes biblical passages such as those describing the Shemitah 鶥n exclusively to Israelᮤ applies them to America.

In response Cahn stated

"There are two extremes in God૩ngdom: Those who jump to believe and embrace 鲴ually anything䨡t is practiced or taught in the name of the Lord, and those who reflexively reject and 䴡ck almost anything that is presented in the Lord outside of one࣯mfort zone or predisposition. 堮eed to avoid both errors as they constitute two sides of the same coin. Itനe latter error that (not all but) many of the so called 鳣ernment�istries have fallen into. The result can be as dangerous as any error they purport to counter, often leading to the attacking of ministries and ministers of God. Such respected Christian leaders as Billy Graham, Chuck Smith, Dr. (James) Dobson, and countless others have been among its many victims. Many consider it a badge of honor.羚nt>

But it is not just McMahon who has written extensively about their view on The Mystery of the Shemitah, so has David Reagan of Lion and Lamb Ministries. He states,

"It is one thing to apply an Old Testament spiritual principle to our nation, such as the one in 2 Chronicles 7:14, or to apply a descriptive passage, such as the one in Isaih 9:10, but it something else entirely to apply an Old Testament command given exclusively to the Jewish people and exclusively for their land. The law of the Shemitah simply has no application to a Gentile nation in the 21st century"

Clearly the Shemitah concept has caused a massive divide within the Christian world and the question is do we ignore the criticism and take the Shemitah concept at face value? do we side with the Shemitah concept recognizing that any new revelation or finding is going to cause a divide? or is their a fine balancing act which can appreciate these modern revelations without over indulging at the expense of fancy foot work with the scriptures?.

Probably a more important question for you if you have read the "The Mystery of Shemitah" is, did it fill you with 100% confidence in its concept and conclusion?. Or is there a tiny small part of your mind which wants to believe yet something is holding you back?.

September 2015 - September 2016: A Massive Do or Die Period

For both Jonathan Cahn and Mark Blitz who heads El Shaddai Ministries, September 2015 is a massive month. A real massive month. Between this month and September 2016 there has to be be a major worldwide event that validates both of their prophecy concepts. For Jonathan Cahn its a possible worldwide financial stock market crash and for Blitz and his supporters it could be a war involving Israel and her neighbours.

The four blood moon prophecy which originated with Mark Blitz and which was taken mainstream by John Hagee, is based on the concept there have only been 7 Blood Moon Tetrads between Jesus Christ's first coming and 2013, and every time they happened it has been proven that there was some significant event which impacted upon the Jewish people within a year of the first or last eclipse of the tetrad.

The most recent blood moon tetrad is one which began in 2014 and which will close out in September 2015.

  • On April 15th 2014 there was a total lunar eclipse

  • On October 8th 2014 there was a second total lunar eclipse

  • On April 4th 2015 there was a third total lunar eclipse

  • The final one will take place on September 28th, 2015

What makes the September 28th blood moon distinct from the other is that not only is it the closing one of the four, its the only one of the four lunar eclipses which will be visible to Israel before sunrise. All 3 previous were visible to the gentile world only.

Additionally on March 20th 2015 there was an almost total solar eclipse which took place where Europe, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia witnessed a 90-98% total eclipse where the moon had almost completed blocked out the sun.

The Bible Code Riddle

The idea that certain pieces of literature are characterized by numerical codes that smuggle important messages to those who are able to decipher them, has roots that reach far back into antiquity. However one of the key reasons why the use of mathematical and scientific processes to unlock supposed hidden treasures of wisdom from the Bible is frowned upon is because of what happened  back in 1997.

Washington Post Journalist Michael Drosnin began researching the concept of Bible Code in 1992 after meeting the mathematician Eliyahu Rips in Israel, and with Rips' associate Alexander Rotenberg. At the time Drosnin claimed that he was not a religious person and was very skeptical about the Bible Code at first. However he became convinced that it was important in 1994 when he found a code relating to the future assassination of then Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. Drosnin sent a warning to Rabin, and claims that he became even more convinced of the ability of the code to predict the future when Rabin was assassinated in 1995.

In 1997 Drosnin published his most famous book, Bible Code, which asserted that the Bible Code predicts the future and that events can be affected by our actions. The book also states that many famous assassinationsﴨ past and future岥 foretold in the Bible, and that the code can be interpreted with the help of a computer program.

The fact that Drosnin wasn't a Christian didn't help his cause in being accepted by the mainstream Christian community. As you can imagine, the thinking of the Christian community being, God sending a heathen to tell us about what he has to say through his word. No Chance. However Drosnin did seem to wake up a minority of Christian authors who felt there was something with the science although distancing themselves from Drosnin. For example, the author Grant Jeffrey (now deceased) stepped in, expanding upon the Bible Code phenomena yet, disagreeing with Drosnin, affirming that one cannot discover these ⯰hecies䯠 see into the future; they can only  be decoded after the fact.

Whatever your take is on Drosnin, the one thing that his work did do was actually show that the Bible Code as a concept was something which had been heavily investigated by some of the worlds most prominent Jewish scholars. In fact many of these scholars had felt that Drosnin was simply an opportunist who had seized upon something to create his own legacy with over exaggerated predictions of which many have actually failed to live up to expectation.

Rapture Made in Heaven or Hell

All of these controversies also lead to probably what is the biggest debate on the internet right now. Is the rapture, a belief that Christians will be caught up into the air to be with Christ whilst all hell breaks loose on the earth, a scriptural concept? Recent movie such as Left Behind starring Nicholas Cage and have done much to popularize a significant premise found within many of the mainstream Christian churches today.

Supporters of the rapture believe that whilst the actual word is not found in scripture, the concept of imminence is profound within scripture and was also a belief held to by many of the early church fathers. Some opponents believe that the rapture concept was a fabrication planted by Catholic Jesuits to sow heresy into Protestantism, whilst others believe the rapture concept originated with John Darby, an Anglo-Irish Bible teacher in 1830

However the debate about the rapture isn't just about an internal Christian debate, its also a recognition that the concept of millions of people being taken away from earth is also a prominent premise within the beliefs of the New Age Movement and Alice Bailey. Could this be something that lends credibility to the fact that the rapture is an actual event that Satan is aware of? After all there is no conceivable way to explain the disappearance of over 100 million people other than to state that this was always part of their teaching, that the earth would needed to be cleansed of those who would prevent it from moving into a new dawn for humanity.

A Straw That Broke The Camels Back!

Familiar scenario: As a student of Bible Prophecy you have been battered by saga after saga of sensational bible prophecy predictions about the end times and you are standing at the junction of decision as to whether bible prophecy is actually just a facade to suit the self interest of the people who keep coming up with these formula's and predictions.

You are old enough to remember in the 1980s, the the planetary alignment phenomena of 1982 and The Jupiter Effect, a best-selling book by John Gribbin, Ph.D., and Stephen Plagemann (published. 1974) that predicted that this alignment of the planets of the solar system would create a number of catastrophes, including a great earthquake on the San Andreas Fault in Los Angeles, on March 10, 1982.


Yes, we all remember the 88 reasons why the rapture was supposed to happen in 1988 and resulted in one of the biggest disappointments in Christian history.

You remember the year 2000 and the Y2K prophecies. You probably still have the books of prophets of doom who predicted that 2000 would signal the end of civilization with a collapse of the financial systems. Books no doubt that the prophets of doom no longer sell and completely disown.
You were also there waiting on 21st December 2012 when the so called Mayan prophecies were supposed to lead to a significant change in earths destiny. Mayan prophecies which were picked up by end time ministries who then popularized the fact that 2012 was a significant date within the bible prophecy calendar.

So here we are in 2015, with the Shemitah and Blood Moon prophecies supported by Bible Code watchers, and a belief virally spreading on the internet, that the rapture will take place within the 2015-2016 timeline. Where do you stand?

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SHEMITAH WARS (DURATION: 100 MINUTES): Since the release of Jonathan Cahn's The Mystery of Shemitah, the topic of the Shemitah and the destiny of America has become a divisive issue. Good and inspired men and women of God on both sides of the fence have been emotionally charged about this concept which is attracting interest like wildfire across America. Is Cahn teaching what is known as "replacement theology", taking prophecies specifically targeted for the nation of Israel and trying to apply them to gentile nations such as the United States? Is Cahn providing a parachute way of escape by constantly saying that God does not need to continue following any pattern as he alone is omnipotent? Is the Shemitah prophecy a thorn in the American Christian community because it talks about hardship, poverty and tribulation rather than blessing and increase? How could it be coincidence that previous stock market crashes fell exactly within the same pattern timeline put forward by the Shemitah theory? Is their an umbilical chord that ties Israel to America so that prophecies such as Isaiah 9:10 can be applied to America today? Does Shemitah theology give credence to those who believe that America is the end time commercial Babylon of Revelation 18? Watch these great insights into a highly charged debate which will give you a balanced diet of information for you to be both judge and jury.

HIDDEN BIBLE CODES (DURATION: 100 MINUTES): After the smoke and debris has cleared from the Age of Michael Drosnin and his secular promotion of the Bible Code Phenomena, the verdict still remains ambiguous as to whether there is a true hidden code within the Hebrew Old Testament. The Bible Code phenomena has been defined by critics as being Jewish Kabbalistic Mysticism repacked for Christian consumption. Can codes be truly discovered by searching for equidistant letter sequences (ELS) which are then compiled into intelligence messages about our future? Why has Michael Drosnin's work been strongly attacked by Eliyahu Rips Ph.D., the mathematician that Drosnin cites as the basis for the validity of his work? Why do opponents claim that there is no difference between the bible code phenomena and the fictional codes presented in Dan Browns novels? How could Ed Sherman, a mathematician with 30 years of experience and Nathan Jacobi, an Israel physicist, who both set out to debunk the Bible Code, actually end up becoming a supporter of the Bible Code phenomena with their findings?

SUPER MOON 28SEP2015 (DURATION: 5 HOURS): With just 5 months to go until the completion of the last lunar eclipses of the blood moon tetrad for 2014-2015 we examine the present status of the Blood Moon hysteria now that 3 blood moons have come and gone. Many have pointed to the US deal with Iran on nuclear proliferation and Russia military exercises and excursions as evidence of the blood moon prophecy heralding something significant. Are these events big enough to be counted as signs of the Blood Moon? What is the benchmark being set to qualify any event as being related to the blood moon prophecy? Are there signs of parachute options being conveyed by Mark Biltz and his supporters as we near the date of destiny? Are critics of the Blood Moon prophecy inflicting their own biblical ignorance by ignoring the prophecy of Daniel 12:4 which states that revelations not known before will come to light in the last days. This Audio CD is a fascinating journey as experts for and against speak out on what September 28th 2015 and beyond means in light of these prophecies.

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